Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Egyptian Party

Even though Egyptians didn't have alot of stuff we have now they sure knew how to party!! There parties had things that we have now such as music and maybe dancing. We know that they had music at these parties but they had no way of writing it down. So we can only guess what it sounded like! I don't think its as good of music that we have now. Some of the instruments they used were the harp, flute, lute, lyre, drums, and rattles. The only thing that I thought was kind of different was that they had acrobats at their parties. I mean those must of been big parties to have acrobats! Everybody was able to have parties but as you can imagine the Pharaohs party was like huge! The only bad thing was that not every one was able to go. The farmers and people not as wealthy were not able to go. Think about what they were missing but who knows they could have fun parties too! Some things were not very good at these parties like some people drank so much that they would be carried home!! Now that's pretty sad and embarrassing. Now at our parties people eat with whoever they want but in the Egyptian party the host and hostess sat together and every one including the kids were separated into boys and girls. I like sitting with whoever I want so I don't think I would like the eating part of the Egyptian party!

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