Monday, December 15, 2008

Egyptain Festivals

An Egyptian festival was usually religious. Most of the festivals today are for holidays of in a small community. The local and kind of small festivals are my favorite. Some of the festivals in ancient Egypt were not religious. For example Ramsses III held a festival to celebrate a victory over the Libyans. Also festivals along with a feast to thank the gods for bringing the flood that year. Some of the most important festivals are the festival of Sokar, this festival honored the god Osiris. This festival was held in the fourth month of the Egyptian calender, it lasted for six days. I would like to have a festival about me lasting six days! Another important festival is the Sed festival. This festival was only celebrated when a Pharaoh held the throne for over thirty years! That's a long time! The religious festivals were held at a temple. They would often have children or older boys play the part of the god or goddesses. They were so organized that they had a calender of all the festivals and when they were celebrated.


  1. Thats sounds like the Myan's party which lasted for five that sounds AWSOME!!!!