Friday, December 12, 2008

Egyptain Instrument

One of the most used instrument in Egypt was the 5 stringed harp. This harp was not the same as ours today. The harp they had back then only had 5 strings. So, I am just guessing the songs with the harp wouldn't be very different since you only have 5 strings. This harp was only one of the many instruments Egyptians used. The body of the harp was shaped like a boat. The bottom of the harp often has writing on the bottom of it. The writing usually told a different story on each harp. The back of the harp had a head with the crown of lower and upper Egypt. The weird part of the harp is the strings. The strings were made of animal guts! Now that's just weird. Each harp was a different length and size. Some of the harps are small and some are big. Last, at the top of some harps was a falcon head. This harp was very unique and every harp was different in a way.

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