Monday, December 15, 2008

Children and Their Free Time

Children in Egypt are not much different then children now. All of the children liked to play with their friends. Most of the children helped their parents farm when it was that time of season. Just like most children have chores. Well i don't have chores but most children do! When the children were not helping their parents with farming of something else they would often play wit their toys. Toys in Egypt were almost the same for example they had dolls and stuffed animals. They would use linen when they would stuff their toys. I think that they will use linen when ever they can! One difference about their toys were that their dolls were made of would and were kind of a stick figure. That doesn't sound so fun to me.....but that's all they had! The other things that children did for fun is sports. Now that's something i like. The only thing was that they didn't really have a name for their sports. Their sports consisted of running, jumping, throwing, and wresting. Those all sound fun except for wrestling I am not a fan of that. Some of their sports also had a religious meaning. Those sports were mostly for boys. Girls on the other hand would study dance and practice for upcoming parade. Girls in the parade would honor goddesses. These things that children do in their free time is not the same thing that all children in Egypt did. Other children were dedicated to working and helping their parents. That's not me I like to have fun!


  1. nice pic! thats some crazy hair

  2. Well there's term for what I do with my brothers but it is unoffitially called a sport. A.K.A. Ruff-housing, Horse-play, etc...